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Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (ROA)

We're excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with ROA. As of December 5, 2016, partners may pick up and drop off at the Roanoke Airport. Please read below to learn about the new rules and regulations. Violations of the Airport's rules may lead to penalties including fines and loss of access to the Uber platform.

Please note that a $1.00 ROA Airport Surcharge will be charged to the rider for every pickup and dropoff at ROA. This surcharge will appear on your trip receipt for tracking purposes, and is collected by Uber to be paid to ROA.

Waiting area for trip requests

If you do not immediately receive a request upon entering the Airport property, please proceed to the Cell Phone Waiting Area (pictured below in red). Waiting for requests outside of the Cell Phone Lot or circle the pickup and dropoff lanes may result in fines or tickets from Airport authorities.

Passenger Pickup Zone

Pickups must be conducted in the designated pickup area on the outer curb, currently marked as the “buses and pre-arranged taxi pickup area” and highlighted in yellow below. Dropoffs may happen anywhere on the inner-curb (highlighted as the "Drop off zone" in orange below).

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 2.07.06 PM.png

First-in, first-out (FIFO)

We have created a first-in, first-out queue into which partners will automatically be entered once they arrive on Airport property within the Airport loop.

The ensures the first request will go to the partner who has been been waiting longest.

  • Your location within the Waiting Area does not affect your location in the queue. This area includes all property on and within the Airport loop. 
  • If a rider cancels, you'll remain at the front of the queue.
  • If you leave the Waiting Area, reject or cancel a trip, or go offline, you will go to the back of the queue.
  • You will not be able to see your position in the queue and contact Uber Support will not tell you your place in the queue.
  • If there are no partners in the queue, trip requests will go to partners who are located in close proximity to Airport property.

Pickup procedures

  1. Partners enter airport property and proceed to the cell phone lot via the East entrance to accept requests. If you are currently on a trip proceed directly to the Pick-up Zone.
  2. Upon receiving a request, partners proceed out the West exit of the cell phone lot, counter-clockwise around the airport loop to one of the three parking spots in the Pickup Zone
  3. Once on-trip, partners proceed counter-clockwise around the airport loop to exit the property. 
Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 1.59.41 PM.png
Signs showing the entrance to the Cell Phone Waiting Lot
View of terminal from rider Pickup location 

ROA Rules and regulations

Other Important Rules Violations of these rules will lead to fines and/or potential loss of access to the Uber platform.

  • As a reminder, please obey all requests from airport officials. 
  • If stopped by law enforcement or airport personnel, you must provide law enforcement with access to the electronic waybill and insurance information in the app (click here for further information on how to access this information in the app).
  • It is illegal to solicit or accept a trip that it is not arranged through the app. You will be subject to criminal penalties and loss of access to the Uber platform if you violate this law.
  • You must display Uber trade dress to pick-up and/or drop off at ROA in the rear passenger window of your vehicle. Click here to see where trade dress must be displayed on your vehicle. Don't have Uber trade dress? Click here to order one. 

The Following Activities are Prohibited While Operating at Roanoke Airport

  • Turning off or disabling the TNC Application when a TNC Vehicle is at the Airport
  • Allowing the operation of a TNC Vehicle at the Airport by an unauthorized driver
  • Transporting a Passenger in an unauthorized vehicle
  • Picking-up or dropping-off Passengers or their baggage at any location other than the designated areas
  • Leaving a TNC Vehicle unattended
  • Failing to maintain the TNC Vehicle interior and exterior in an appropriately clean condition
  • Littering at the Airport or in the Designated Areas
  • Failing to provide information or providing false information to the Authority or Authority-Related Personnel upon request
  • Operating a TNC Vehicle on Airport property without the approved Trade Dress
  • Soliciting Passengers at the Airport
  • Re-circulating anywhere at the Airport, except directly en route to the Cell Phone Lot
  • Using or possessing any alcoholic beverage, narcotic, or controlled substance (unless pursuant to a valid prescription) while on Airport property or while carrying a Passenger
  • Failing to operate a TNC Vehicle in a safe manner as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia Motor Vehicle Code, local laws, and the Authority’s Rules and Regulations
  • Failing to comply with posted speed limits and traffic control signs
  • Using profane or vulgar language in the presence of any member of the public or Authority-Related Personnel
  • Any soliciting or advertising whatsoever
  • Soliciting of any activity prohibited by law, the Permit, or the Authority’s Rules and Regulations
  • Operating a TNC Vehicle which is not in a safe mechanical condition or which lacks mandatory safety equipment as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia Motor Vehicle Code
  • Operating a TNC Vehicle without the required certification or at any time during which the Virginia certification or this Permit is suspended or revoked
  • Engaging in any criminal activity