Blacksburg Demand

Where is there demand?

The images below show demand during certain times of the day. Red areas indicate high demand, where blue areas indicate lower demand.

In the morning, demand is scattered as people looks for rides to class or work
In the afternoon, demand is also scattered as people looks for rides home
This can be difficult to pinpoint as there are lots of places to go out around town. Needless to say, there's not a bad place to be!
Demand narrows to downtown
As you can see, demand is spread across Blacksburg
By far the busiest time of the entire week! Demand gets hot and heavy downtown and peaks between 11pm and 3am. 

When is there demand?

The chart below shows demand by time of day and by day of the week. Dark blue indicates high demand and white indicates lower demand.

When does demand peak?

The chart below shows the same information above but better displays the peaks in demand, which are typically from 10pm-3am on Friday and Saturday nights.

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